Good Blog Ideas I Stumbled Upon by Watching Inception and Other Blockbuster Movies

May 21, 2023 Uncategorized

There’s nothing beats a blockbuster movie to transport one to another world. However the fantasy doesn’t have to end once the movie does. The stuff that you watch could possibly be the springing board for an excellent blog idea.

During the past years, movies such as for example Avatar, Inception and Toy story 3 have been released and have done quite well at the box office. So how exactly does one look for a good blog idea from such movies? Well, first it is possible to just watch the movies and then write down the ideas which were sparked. Or it is possible to go to the Internet Movies Database website and search for the plot keywords for every particular movie. From the keywords, you can get something that you would be thinking about blogging about. Let’s check out the above-mentioned movies and see what good blog ideas we are able to come up with.


You can write about 3D technology. Should you have seen a 3D movie, then discuss your experience, where are such movies shown in your town? Some people say these were affected by watching Avatar, what was your experience. Will there be เว็บรีวิวซีรีย์ to 3D technology? You might write about your thoughts on other life forms. How about just writing about the application of avatars within signatures in social media. What’s the funniest or worst avatar you’ve seen?

Toy story

Get back to your childhood years and write about your favourite toys or your time at daycare, if you attended one.

What’s your very best childhood memory?


Reveal dreams, what do they mean for you? Do you think the dream world is real? Have a discussion together with your readers and have them to give their views. You could also write a brief biography of the actors and so forth.