Title Share the road:- Development of Walking and Cycling Facilities for Urban Transportation of Addis Ababa
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Transport
Sector Transportation
Start Date - End Date November 17, 2015 - November 17, 2015
Total Budget 715,000 dollars
Requested Facility Budget 715,000 dollars
Approved Budget 715,000 dollars $
Region Addis Ababa
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary In Addis Ababa, walking is the dominant form of urban mobility; it is estimated to comprise around 65%. This largest majority of passengers are daily exposed to high CO2 emission, noise pollution and other environment related problems often resulting from the disorderly urban traffic. In the last ten years, the total road coverage of Addis Ababa has increased from 11% to 17%, however, regardless of the increase, only few attempts have been so far done to resolve the challenges of non-motorized mobility problems, such as tree shades, rest seats, and other features of urban road facility that stimulate people to prefer walking and cycling modality. Therefore, addressing these common areas of concern through this project will, it is hoped, result in a win-win solution to reduce harmful air pollutants and climate emissions by enhancing road safety and increasing accessibility for all. Addis Ababa Transport Bureau is the main implementing government agency, whose key activities includes designing sample pedestrian walkways for roads in large-scale condominium neighbourhoods; planting/caring mature trees; organizing SMEs that provide bicycle taxi/rental service and designing & creating safe cycling environment. The total project budget is USD 715,000.
Created On 2015-11-17
Created By Jobir Ayalew

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