Title Off-street Parking as instrument to improve traffic flow and emission reduction in Addis Ababa city
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Transport
Sector Transportation
Start Date - End Date November 17, 2015 - November 17, 2015
Total Budget 780,000.00$
Requested Facility Budget 780,000.00$
Approved Budget 780,000.00$ $
Region Addis Ababa
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary There is trade-off between vehicle efficiency and travel demand, which have direct correlation with change of travel speed. This change also has correlation with amount of GHG emission. Therefore, emission rate usually shows high sensitivity to speed increases, especially on heavy-duty vehicles. Traffic flow improvement strategy is an important tool to reduce CO2 emission in Addis Ababa, particularly when there is an increasing number of vehicles show up in the last few years and the main artery roads are heavily congested as a result of poor local road network. Thus, this project has an objective of improving the existing traffic flow problems and reducing emission through proper implementation of Off-street Parking system in collaboration with the private sector. Smooth traffic flow will greatly enhance the mobility of people goods and services. The main implementing organizations will be the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau, the Ministry of Transport and the City Administration and key project activities include identifying and facilitating parking locations, assessing preliminary area-market assessment, identifying appropriate off-street parking technology & management and developing PPP guideline/agreement terms to engage private investors. The total project budget is 780,000 USD.
Created On 2015-11-17
Created By Nesredin Mahmoud

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