Title Organic waste composting in Addis Ababa City Administration
Regional Br. / Line Min. MUDHCo
Sector Building and Green Cities
Start Date - End Date July 01, 2014 - December 31, 2015
Total Budget 100221.69 USD
Requested Facility Budget 100221.69 USD
Approved Budget 100221.69 USD $
Region Addis Ababa
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary Addis Ababa has been facing serious solid waste management problem where the waste seen scattered in different parts of the town and has no proper disposal site resulting in the emission of GHGs. Therefore, the objective of this project is producing organic fertilizer from solid waste in the city and its suburbs and improving the existing uncontrolled dump site which is resulting in the emission of GHGs. This project will reduce the impact of improper solid waste management on climate change by reducing the emission of methane, nitrous oxide, creates resilient urban community by reducing the health and environmental impact of improper solid waste management, increase life span of disposal site, health, environment and social impacts. The project objectives directly align with the initiatives identified under the urban sector CRGE of Ethiopia that includes reducing GHGs emissions from solid waste through landfill gas management, composting and recycling. The sectoral GTP has set a target to construct 358 landfills and improving collection coverage to effectively utilizes the landfills and improves the sanitation of cities and towns in the country. Moreover, the sector has also targeted to construct 50 compost centers during the GTP period. Therefore, this project greatly helps to achieve the sector’s GTP target. The project will be implemented by Addis Ababa Solid Waste Recycling and Disposal Project Office. The key project activities will be awareness creation workshop, provision of training, purchasing equipment and tools and construction of composting site and conducting regular monitoring and evaluation. The total project budget will be USD 100221.69
Created On 2015-10-20
Created By Tamirat Sulamo

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