Title Solid Waste Segregation in Two Condominium Houses Sites of Addis Ababa (Mikiland and Gofa Sites)
Regional Br. / Line Min. MUDHCo
Sector Building and Green Cities
Start Date - End Date July 01, 2014 - December 31, 2015
Total Budget 100,221 USD
Requested Facility Budget 100,221 USD
Approved Budget 100,221 USD $
Region Addis Ababa
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary The Urban sector GTP has set a target to construct 358 landfills and improving collection coverage to effectively utilizes the landfills and improves the sanitation of cities in the country. Moreover, the sector has also targeted to construct 50 compost centers during the GTP period. Therefore, this project greatly helps to achieve the sector’s GTP target. In the national climate resilient green economy, the urban sector has identified establishing proper solid waste management system landfill gas management, composting and recycling) as a major lever for GHG emission. Therefore, segregation, which is a basic task for composting and recycling, directly conforms to the CRGE initiatives. Currently about 409,255 people are living in condominium houses with daily waste generation of 558.10m3 of waste. This implies the amount of waste generated becomes more than one sub city daily waste generation amount. Though this much amount of waste is being generated, due to lack of satisfactory house to house collection system, lack of enough communal collection containers, poor waste segregation habits, lack of dust bins and poor waste transportation implementing the required waste management system in those areas has serious problem. Hence, this project is designed to provide effective, satisfactory and integrated solid waste management service for condominium house dwellers. The main objective of this project is to establish a demonstrable pilot community based urban waste management that builds on the local knowledge of communities to enhance the capacity for an integrated development. Addis Ababa Cleansing Agency will lead the project calling other stakeholders for support at different project phases. The key activities of the project are awareness creation and training on solid waste management and procurement of related equipments. The estimated cost of the pilot project is 100,221 USD.
Created On 2015-10-20
Created By Tamirat Sulamo

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