Title Urban Open Space Greening in Butajera City Administration in Kebele 02 around Tefetro Sheleko.
Regional Br. / Line Min. MUDHCo
Sector Building and Green Cities
Start Date - End Date July 01, 2014 - December 31, 2015
Total Budget 27,759.97USD
Requested Facility Budget 27,759.97USD
Approved Budget 27,759.97USD $
Region SNNPR
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary The 21st century earnestly requires ,,Green Urbanism.. and sustainable use of natural recourses. This in turn necessitates effective land use planning and conservation activities. Moreover, it demands technological advances in reducing in the emission of green house gases. The proposed and most important means commonly used in an attempt to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions is the implementation of the principles of ‘green urbanism’ or eco-town/city. The development of green infrastructure as well as protection of urban landscapes and biodiversity is one of the major principles of green urbanism. The implementing organizations are MUDHCo, TIUDB,City Government of Butajera, Municipality, MSE and the community. The key project activities are training and advocacy, landscape designing, development of green areas and construction of walk ways and installation of water and electric line. The total budget cost is 27,759.97USD.
Created On 2015-10-20
Created By yoseph tekle

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