Title Improving solid waste collection in Gambella Town
Regional Br. / Line Min. MUDHCo
Sector Building and Green Cities
Start Date - End Date July 01, 2014 - December 31, 2015
Total Budget 67,135.37 USD
Requested Facility Budget 67,135.37 USD
Approved Budget 67,135.37 USD $
Region Gambella
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary The sectoral GTP has set a target to construct 358 landfills and improving collection coverage to effectively utilizes the landfills and improves the sanitation of cities and towns in the country. Moreover, the sector has also targeted to construct 50 compost centers during the GTP period. Therefore, this project greatly helps to achieve the sector’s GTP target. In the national CRGE, the urban sector has identified establishing proper solid waste management system as a major lever for GHG emission, which this project directly conforms. Improving the collection and transportation and coverage and system would considerably reduce the direct GHG emission from the illegal disposed by treating the collected waste at the disposal site properly. Avoiding the randomly disposed waste in different parts of the town that is threatening the health of the community would totally reduce health risks creating climate change resilient urban community. Proper waste collection will also avoid the reproduction of pathogenic organism that would threaten the health of the residents. The project will have also economic importance by creating job for the youth, women and the disadvantaged groups of the community and complementing the recurrent budget the municipality is now incurring for solid waste management.
Created On 2015-10-20
Created By Kassahun Tsegaye

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