Title Application of Prosopis Juliflora Cement Bonded particle boards for low cost house construction
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Sector Forest
Benefeciary Local Community
Partner(s) Forest Research Institution
Start Date - End Date July 08, 2014 - January 07, 2016
Total Budget 185,200USD
Requested Facility Budget 185,200USD
Approved Budget 185,200USD $
Region Afar
Woreda Gewane, Dire medayitu, Amibara
city Semera
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary P. juliflora tree invading about 100 thousand ha of land mostly farming and grazing lands in Afar region & the area gets bigger every year. The project aims to minimize the invasion of P. juliflora from grazing & farm lands through using P. juliflora for low cost house construction & introducing new house construction designs suitable for arid zones. The project will be implemented by Forest Research center, with Afar region bureau of Environment and Forest. The key project activities are: Selecting appropriate woredas for harvesting, Preparing Suitable boards for arid climate with known Pre determined particle sizes, Test sample boards in FRIM laboratory, Prepare specifications for processing machineries & Purchase, Construct workshops for processing cement boards in Afar Region & Install processing machineries, Provide training for board producers, Construct model houses made from Prosopis ju. cement boards. The total project budge has been estimated to $185,200.
Created On 2015-09-01
Created By Tirhas Hindeya

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