Title Combating Forest and Land Degradation Induced by Charcoal Production and Firewood Collection in K/Bayah Woreda of Somali Regional State
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Sector Forest
Benefeciary Local Community
Partner(s) Bureau of Environmental protection Mines and Energy Development Agency
Start Date - End Date April 01, 2015 - September 30, 2016
Total Budget 91,269.50USD
Requested Facility Budget 91,269.50USD
Approved Budget 91,269.50USD $
Region Somali
Woreda Kebri Beyah
city Jijiga
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary K/bayah Woreda is one of the largest producers and consumers of charcoal and fire woods in the Somali Regional State. Such high demand for charcoal and firewood resulted in deforestation, soil erosion and disappearance of important indigenous tree. Moreover, severe forest decimation in the area affected the hydrological system and the ecosystem as a whole. The aim of this project is, therefore, to combat forest and land degradation induced by charcoal production and firewood collection in K/Bayah Woreda of Somali Regional State. This project will be implemented by Somali Regional Environmental Protection and Forestry, Mines and Energy Development Agency (SREPFMEDA). The following major activities will be conducted to achieve the aforementioned project aim: (i) afforestation/reforestation of degraded lands, (ii) construction of five physical soil and water conservation structures (iii) production and dissemination of 1500 fuel-efficient stoves, (iv) establishment of community-based organization (CBO).The total cost of the project is USD 91,269.50.
Created On 2015-09-01
Created By Tirhas Hindeya

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