Title Promotion of highland bamboo plantation for ecosystem restoration and livelihood improvement in the eastern escarpments of the upper rift valley Areas.
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Sector Forest
Benefeciary Local Community
Partner(s) Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Land and Environmental Protection
Start Date - End Date July 08, 2014 - January 07, 2016
Total Budget 448,386USD
Requested Facility Budget 448,386USD
Approved Budget 448,386USD $
Region Oromia
Zone West Arsi
Woreda Arsi Negele, Kofele
Kebele Hasa alke, Kabete, Guchi, jangela, Germama, M
city Adama
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary The current problem of the country and the world as a whole is climate change which is negatively affecting economies of countries. The selected woredas are the areas where remnant natural forests are under pressure due to demand for forest products for construction and firewood, The project’s major objectives are promoting bamboo plantation in selected 10kebeles of 2 woredas in West Arsi zone through engaging 3,000 selected farmers on planting 500,000 bamboo culms and establishing 3 bamboo processing enterprises with a total member of 120 persons of which 50% will be female. Agriculture and Rural Land and Environmental Protection Bureau will take the implementing roles. The major project activities are conducting training of different stakeholders, identifying and organizing farmers who supply and grow bamboo culms for plantation, collecting and identified bamboo forest stock and bamboo plantation by farmers on their lands. The total cost of the project is USD 448,386.
Created On 2015-09-01
Created By Tirhas Hindeya

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