Title Improving Income Status of women to create carbon sinks through reducing deforestation rate in erer and sofi woreda
Regional Br. / Line Min. Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Sector Forest
Benefeciary Local Community
Partner(s) Bureau of Environmental protection Authority.
Start Date - End Date July 08, 2014 - January 07, 2016
Total Budget 41,451USD
Requested Facility Budget 41,451USD
Approved Budget 41,451USD $
Region Harari
Woreda Sofi and erer
city Harar
Environmental and Social Safeguard
Environmental and Social Safeguard Category
Executive Summary Currently there are about 86,258 ton of woody biomass stocks with annual yield of 5,712 ton/year. Among available stock 47,280 ton is consumed as fuel wood. 24, 168 ton is consumed by Harar town population while the rest is consumed by 17 rural kebeles. The fuel wood demand for Harar town is supplied from 5 rural kebele of sofi and erer woredas, having only 34,621 ton stoke, that is; 40% of regional biomass. The objectives will be to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the CRGE initiatives of the country at large and the local government harari region in particular so as to meet GTP targets. The project will be implemented by Harari Environmental Protection Authority. Hence, it will incorporate two major activities: post planting management of 750ha forest tree plantation, and engaging 1400 rural HHs in both Woreda of Harari. The total project cost is USD 41,451.
Created On 2015-09-01
Created By Tirhas Hindeya

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